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Vishwa Hegde

Hello Friends
I am Vishwa Hegde.
At Fit Vishwa, I aim to power people of all ages who want to reduce weight by implementing good diets and exercise regimes. Based on personal experience and the best available evidences I guide people to reach their health goals.
What one needs in life other than good health? As they say “Health is wealth“. Here, in my blog, readers not only get introduced to weight reducing ideas, but also get to understand how to live life happily.
I share informative articles about home cooked diet, home based exercises, and Ayurvedic medicines and practices, which help people to lead a holistic life.
I have a wonderful story to tell you as to how you too can lead a healthy lifestyle and overcome all your medical conditions. So, to know more, click the button below.

How May I Help You?

I am launching 3 services catering to your
 physical and mental fitness needs. 

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Customized home diet plans. ( Coming soon)



Customized home workouts (Coming soon)



1 to 1 call with psychologists

Want to get Fit? Discover your best with my help!