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Weight loss with mind hacks – 10 hacks to sculpt a stunning new you.


Weight loss is the most popular word these days. People want to lose weight for many reasons. It may be for looking slim, improve their physical health, mental health etc.

Many people are not able to achieve their desired weight for many reasons like a busy work schedule, no consistency, laziness, food addiction, etc. Today I will share my experiences with you about how to train your mind to achieve your desired weight. I call it the “Weight loss with 10 mind hacks” system.

If you want to reduce weight, you should be consistent. For losing weight, you don’t need to work hard, you should enjoy each moment of the weight loss journey.

These are 10 mind hacks that keep you in a good mood in the entire weight loss journey.

1.Set target for weight loss:

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I was 92 Kg before. Once I planned to lose weight, I set a target. I planned to lose 17 Kg in 3 months. It helped me a lot. Keep a habit of setting up a target for everything you do.

Believe me, it helps you everywhere. The feeling that you get when you have achieved your target is of another level.

2. Schedule time:

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Schedule time is a must. You must set time for every activity you do. Maintaining the right time for everything is half of your success. During my weight loss journey, I used to maintain timings for sleeping, eating, exercise, and studies. I hardly used to miss my schedule.

Let me share with you, my schedule from back then:

6-00 AM wake up

6-30 to 8-00 AM Meditations, and Yoga

8-00 to 8-30 AM reading newspaper

8-30 AM Breakfast

9-00 AM to 10-00 AM Watching TV

10-00 AM to 11-30 AM Study time

11-30 AM Light snacks

11-45 AM to 12-45 PM Study time

1-00 PM Lunch

2-00 PM to 3-30 PM Sleeping

4-00 PM to 5-00 PM Watching TV

5-30 PM to 8-00 PM Running, Walking, Abs workout.

8-30 PM Dinner

10-30 PM Sleeping

I had to achieve the target of reducing 17 Kg in just 3 months, so I use to do 3 hrs of exercise per day. Also, I had holidays due to the COVID-19 forced lockdown, so that helped me to dedicate this much time to exercise.

Like me, if you too maintain a schedule and time all your activities, no one can stop you from reaching your goal.

3. Don’t miss your scheduled activity without proper reason:

People may postpone, or miss their scheduled activity without reason. If you want to reduce weight, you should not miss your scheduled activities. If you miss your exercise one day, you may skip that activity the next day also. Ultimately you will miss your track.

4. Never skip breakfast or lunch for the sake of diet or weight loss:

Don't skip breakfast

In the name of the diet, some people skip their breakfast and lunch, which is not necessary. You may follow it for a maximum of 7-8 days, but you can’t do it over a long period of time.

5. Look at the mirror at least once in a day:

Image showing mirror

You may feel crazy about this. But believe me, it gives happiness. You will feel happy when you look at the mirror, because of your weight loss achievement. Every day you will feel some change in your body which makes you happy. You will get the opportunity to see your future version in the mirror.

6. Set up your mind for weight loss:

Image showing Penance of Vishwamitra

Think that you are Brahmarshi Vishwamitra. I gave the example of Vishwamitra because Vishwamitra had a strong mind, which nobody could distract. His resolve was so strong that even the beautiful Apsara Menaka could not distract him from doing his penance.

I will give you my example, Alu Vada was my favorite snack. I could eat 10 of them at a time. Before starting my weight loss journey, I prepared my mind to stay away from oily, junky foods, and even sweets. Even my mom stopped preparing oily foods at home.

One day, we had a function in my house. For lunch, many delicious items like Jalebi, Poori, Alu vada, Payasa, etc. were prepared, but I was so resolute in my pledge that I did not even smell any of it. Here you will get the recipe of Millet Upma 

My advice is to just set up your mind in a way that you should never get distract from reaching your target.

7. Take off for one day in a week:

Our body is a machine. It too can breakdown under excess load. Hence, take rest from all the exercises and your weight loss diet, for one day in a week.

Eat anything you want that day, but eat in a limit. Don’t eat with a thought that you got only one day to eat in a week, so let me hog. Then all your efforts will go down the drain.

8. Spend time with your loved ones:

Image showing spending good times

People who love you will support you for any good thing you do. They will motivate you. I spent the complete 3 months with my family, where I got moral support for my weight loss. You can control your stress by spending time with your loved ones

9. Analyze your performance every week:

Try to analyze your performance every week. Wear your old dress, it will give you a feeling that you are losing weight.

Check your weight every week. You will feel happy, even if you lost 500 Grams. It will also help you to decide whether you are on the right track or not.

10. Motivate yourself for weight loss:

Self motivation

One thing which I was doing throughout my weight-loss journey was that I kept self-motivating myself.

Whenever I got the feeling of eating oily or junk food, I would control my desire to eat by saying ” Calm down Vishwa, Calm down… Just control it for 3 months, then you can eat”.

I use to dream about my future look. So, I would say, self-motivation is better than the motivation you get from others.


Don’t think that if you want to lose weight, you should work hard. You should just enjoy what you are doing. work according to your target. If you are dedicated to your work, then why can’t you achieve your target?

I completed my weight loss journey 2 months back. Now I am eating everything but in a limit. Maintaining weight is a big task then reducing weight. Here you can see my weight loss journey, and also how I reversed my diabetes

Some people quit in the middle of their journey. They forgot the reason why they started.

So I conclude this article with a quote

“Weight loss is not impossible, weight loss is hard. But hard is not the same as impossible”

Thanks for reading. In this article I explained the things which worked out for me. Try to apply these 10 mind hacks in your weight loss journey, and tell me your experience about these. Stay fit, stay healthy, and follow Fit Vishwa…

Bye.. Bye.. 


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  1. The mind hacks that you shared are very true and inspiring..Overall, a well written article. I will surely look up to your articles if at all I put on weight in the future as your articles are always motivating to live a healthy life..

  2. Very nicely quoted all the hacks… And the best thing which I got from this article is… It doesn’t apply just for the weight loss journey… It is applicable to anything… Which you want to achieve… These 10 mind hacks will help you achieve anything one wants…

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