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The Choice Between Right And Wrong

Image showing roads

In life there are always 2 paths to choose, the right one and the wrong one. If you are in the wrong way it doesn’t mean that you will have to follow it all your life. You have many opportunities to come back into the right path of your life. To do that, you should understand which is right and which is the wrong path.

There are many travellers you can see in your life who travel with an urge to reach the right destination. You can even see people who experienced going in the wrong direction and came back to the right way. You can learn from them. But the decision is in your hand. People can show you where you can get the water if you are thirsty, but you are the only one who should reach the right place to drink the water. They cannot make you drink the water.

Have you heard about the man who wrote the great Indian epic “Ramayana”? He was Saint Valmiki. Let me tell you his story.

Valmiki’s birth name was “Ratnakara”. He apparently got lost in the jungles and was found by a hunter who raised him as his own son. When he grew up, not only did he become a hunter like his foster father, but also started to rob people who would pass through the forest. He was also a very cruel person.


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Once Maharshi Narada was traveling through the same forest where Ratnakara lived. Maharshi Narada was caught by Ratnakara in the middle of the forest. He warned Maharshi Narada to surrender all his wealth. Instead Narada started playing hid veena and as Narada kept playing on and sang praises of the Lord Vishnu, he saw a transformation coming over Ratnakara. Then Narada helped Ratnakara to understand the fact that his way was wrong, and showed him the right way. The rest is history. Ratnakara transformed himself into Brahmarshi (Saint) Valmiki, and also wrote the famous and holy book of Ramayana.

Fact to understand here is that if you are on the wrong way in your life, you can always change the way of life with some hard work and dedication.

Let me now tell you my story. I used to eat lots of junk food and oily foods before. I used to eat 7-8 Samosas for breakfast and 7-8 chips packets in a day. I was lazy to even throw them in the dustbin. One day my mom and dad found more than 100 chips packet which I had thrown. They were shocked. They told me many times to change my food habit. But I continued eating bad foods.

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One day I realized that I was living my life in a wrong way. On that day I decided to change my lifestyle. I made a strong decision to live a healthy life. I buried all the chip packets which I had stored in the storeroom. That was my first step towards my journey of transformation.

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You don’t need any motivation if you are determined and driven to achieve your goal. You will be motivated automatically if you decided to do something or achieve something. To include a healthy lifestyle in your life you need to set time for everything. You should maintain the timings for every activity.

Early bird catches the worm. Wake up early. I am not suggesting you to wake up at 5-00 Am. At least try to wake up at 6-00 am. Go out and enjoy the fresh morning weather. It helps you to carry good vibes the whole day.

Don’t look at your phone as soon as you wake up. According to Dr. Nikole Bendars- Hadi, a psychiatrist “immediately turning to your phone when you wake up can start your day off in a way that is more likely to increase stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed”.

Drink warm water first thing in the morning. Drinking warm water in the morning helps to flush out the toxins. It also helps to increase the body temperature, which improves the metabolism rate. Drinking warm water also helps in better digestion process.

Start your day with some exercise, yoga or walking. It keeps you active throughout the day.

The machine will work better if you oil and clean it regularly. You need to maintain it in a good state if you want the machine to work efficiently. Like that body is also a machine, maintain it by doing regular exercises and practicing good diet.

People suffer from many health problems like diabetes, Blood pressure, cholesterol because of their bad lifestyle. Understand the fact that your health problem not only bothers you, but also gives too much of pain to your family and your well-wishers.

Life is the most precious gift that we have got from God. Not every creature in this world gets the opportunity to live as a human. You have got this lovely opportunity, utilize it. Achieve something big.

Nothing can stop you from achieving something big and getting success if you have a good will-power.

Faujha Singh had astonished the world by running and completing a marathon at the age of 100. Arunima Sinha, who doesn’t have legs was able to climb Mount Everest. It shows that everything is possible in this world, if we have a lot of willpower.

Success has only one formula

Success = Hard work + Dedication + Luck (. 00001)

You can achieve anything if you have a good health. So, take care of your body by living a healthy life.

Why are you still waiting? Question yourself whether you are leading a happy life. If your answer is no, don’t worry, let me show you the definition of a happy life and let’s work towards showing your ability to the entire world.

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