Meaning of Obesity

Obesity: Meaning, Definition, Causes, and Remedies


1.9 billion adults are overweight and 650 million people are obese in this world.

Approximately 2.8 million deaths are reported as a result of overweight and obesity.

In India, more than 135 million people are affected by obesity and overweight.

This must be surprising, isn’t it? But it is true!

Over the years Obesity is  one of the serious problem in the world.

If it continues, obesity can contribute a greater part to death rates.

Obesity is not just a cosmetic issue. It is a medical problem.

It is necessary to overcome the problem of Obesity.

This article helps you to understand the meaning of Obesity and its definition.

In addition to this, the article also focuses on the causes, stages, diseases caused by Obesity and also how to overcome the problem of Obesity.

Meaning of Obesity:

Obesity is a disease, caused by the over fat stored in the body.

In other words, Obesity is a medical problem that increases the risk of other diseases, and health problems like heart diseases, high blood pressure, high blood sugar.

Obesity meaning in Kannada

Definition of Obesity:

According to the World Health Organisation, “Obesity is an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a health risk”.

A body mass index over 30 is considered as Obese.

Body Mass Index is the value derived from the height and weight of the person.

There are 4 categories in Body Mass Index

  • Underweight- <18.5
  • Normal weight- 18.5- 24.9
  • Overweight- 25- 29.9
  • Obesity- BMI of more than 30

So it is better to fall under the 2nd category of BMI, which is a normal weight with a BMI of 18.5-24.9.

Body mass index can be calculated easily with the help of formulae.

Formulae for calculating Body Mass Index is – W( KG)/h2

Click here to calculate your Body Mass Index           

W= Weight in KG

h= Hight in metersCauses of Obesity:

Generally, Obesity causes because of overeating.

There are other factors which cause Obesity.

Let’s take a deep dive into the causes of Obesity.

Causes of Obesity:

Eating method:

Other than overeating, there are several factors in eating which can cause obesity.

Eating at unusual times:

Eating at unusual times is one of the main reasons for Obesity.

Meals should be taken from time to time.

Some people don’t eat food from time to time. They don’t maintain any timings for eating.

 Some prefer eating at late nights and some too early in the morning. That is not the right way to eat and could harm your body. A normal man should eat 3 times a day. I believe it is the best practise to follow.

Eating junk foods:

Eating junk food causes Obesity

 Eating junk foods, Chinese foods, and sweets regularly can cause Obesity. It contains excess fats, which cause Obesity. We can say Some people are addicted to these foods. Eating junk foods not only cause Obesity but also it is bad for health.

Eating position:

 Eating in the wrong position will cause the digestion problem, which indirectly creates the problem of Obesity.

Lack of exercise or activity:

We should burn what we eat with the help of exercise and activities.

Obesity can be caused if calorie intake is higher than calorie out.

Calorie intake means, Calories we earned by eating. Calorie out means, Calories we burn through exercise and activities.

Everyone should learn to balance calorie intake and out.

Sleeping at uneven times:

Some people have the bad habit of sleeping at uneven times like after breakfast and lunch.

Some people sleep whenever they get free time. It creates a difference in body metabolism, which leads to obesity. It is also one of the main reasons for Obesity.

Lack of sleep also causes the problem of Obesity.

Sleeping at uneven times causes Obesity

Diseases can cause Obesity:

 Several people are obsessed despite eating less. Several diseases can cause Obesity. Diseases like hypothyroidism, Insulin resistance, and Cushing syndromes are also contributors to Obesity.


Obesity can be caused by genetic

In some of the cases Obesity is caused by genetic reasons. Here Obesity can be controlled with the help of regular exercise and diet.

Stages of Obesity:

Based on the risk factor, Obesity can be divided into 4 stages:

Pre Obese period:

Pre Obese period is the stage when the Body Mass Index is more than 25 and less than 30. This stage is called the overweight stage. It is the stage which shows the sign of Obesity.

Initial Obese period:

We can call this stage as the first stage of Obesity. In this stage, the Body Mass Index will be between 30 to 35. With the help of regular exercise and diet, we can control Obesity easily in this stage.

Moderate risk period:

 In this stage, Obesity can be controlled with the help of some medications, hardcore exercises, and a strict diet. The moderate risk period is the period where BMS is above 35 and below 40.

High-risk period of Obesity:

 It is difficult to control Obesity in this stage. Situations will be out of our control at this stage. A man will have to face several dangerous diseases if he reaches this stage. The high-risk period of Obesity is the period where BMS is above 40.

Diseases caused by Obesity:

There is a higher risk for people with obesity when compared to normal people in case of diseases.

Obesity can lead to many serious diseases.

Some of the diseases caused by Obesity are:

  1. Diabetes
  2. High blood pressure
  3. All causes of death
  4. Heart stroke
  5. Gallbladder disease
  6. Breathing problems
  7. High LDL cholesterol and Low LDL cholesterol
  8. Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses
  9. Difficulty with physical functioning
  10. Back pain

How to control obesity naturally?

Eating a healthy diet:

Eating healthy foods is the best way to control obesity. Eating foods like brown rice, unpolished rice, millets, Quinoa, etc. Avoid eating potato, polished rice, curd, Sugar, Junk foods, red meat regularly.

Drink hot water:

Several studies also showcase  the fact that hot water can help you shed off extra belly fat and help with weight loss. It is also believed that drinking hot water may help break down food faster than consuming warm or cold water.

Regular exercise:

The body should get a minimum of 150 to 300 minutes a week to prevent weight gain. Yoga, abs workout, cycling, jogging, speed walking, swimming can prevent you from Obesity.

Get enough sleep and take less stress:

Good sleep is also one of the best measures to control Obesity.

Here is the breakdown of recommendation for each age group:

Adults 65 and up- 7 to 8 hours

Adults 18 to  64 – 7 to 9 hours

Teens- 8 to 10 hours

School-age children- 9 to 11 hours

Pre schoolers- 10 to 13 hours

New-born baby- 14 to 17 hours

Avoid sleeping at uneven times:

Everyone should avoid sleeping at uneven times like after breakfast, after lunch, right after dinner.

Some must eat foods for Obesity:

Brown rice

Unpolished rice

Millets ( Read our article about Millets)

Quinoa ( Read our article on Quinoa)


Dry fruits




Seasonal fruits




Boiled chicken

Poultry foods

Limit these foods and drinks:


Polished rice


Sugar and sweets

Junk foods

Oily foods

Red meats

Soft drinks

Some natural remedies for controlling obesity:

  1. Soak Chia seeds the previous night in water and drink it in the morning along with one spoon of lemon juice and honey (Diabetic people should only consume it with a spoon of lemon juice)
  1. Boil 2-3 grams of Fenugreek seeds, black jeers, and coriander seeds in 400 ML of water for 15 mins, and drink it in the form of decoction 2 times in a day.
  1. Eat more and more seasonal fruits
  1. Practice Surya Namaskar every day.


India is a youthful nation with 34.33% of youths.

It is good news that youths are showing much concern about their health and fitness.

With all the available resources like Gym, Fitness training center, Doctors, Blogs, Youtube, Social media we can easily overcome the problem of Obesity.

30 to 45 minutes of exercise can keep obesity away.

I am concluding this article with the statement “Together we can”. Let’s eradicate the problem of Obesity. Keep fit and stay healthy.

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