Before 5 months with diabetes

How I Reversed My Diabetes, in just 3 months! The miracle

I am 23 years old, 6’2 height weighs 92 Kgs. In 2017, I came to know that I had Diabetics which made my parent deeply worried about me.
My dad had diabetes, but he knew that genetically diabetics is not affected at a young age.
My Doctor too confirmed this and attributed my diabetes to my bad lifestyle. He told me to take medicines.
My mom consulted Ayurvedic doctors who gave me some Ayurvedic medicines. But my diabetes levels didn’t come down. My reports always read 180-200 before food, and 250-330 after food.
My parents had given in to the thought that high sugar is now a lifetime problem for me. But deep down I had a strong belief that I can control my blood sugar level.
Though I had the belief, yet I had done nothing to change my lifestyle.


How I reversed my Diabetes?


It was 6 months back when I finally took the initiative to curb my diabetes. So, after considering my health parameters like height, weight, and my medical condition i.e. Diabetes, I planned to change my lifestyle.

I brought about a sea of changes in my lifestyle which not only helped me in curbing diabetes but reversing it altogether.

Today I am living a very healthy lifestyle. I have reduced my weight from 92 Kgs to 69Kgs in just 3 months. In these 3 months, I have cured myself of diabetes without taking any medicines. Even my doctor was surprised by my transformation.

How did this miracle happen? Only because of my will and determination to transform me. I started dieting, exercising, and completely changed my way of living. In the process of my transformation, I also garnered good knowledge about healthy home-based diet and exercises.

Now, I want to spread my experience and knowledge to the entire world. This my transformation is my motivation behind this blog.

From tomorrow, I will take you to the world of a Happy Life….

Share your feedback, Lets share the secrets of fitness to the whole world…

Before 5 months with diabetes
5 months back
In the process to eradicate diabetes
After 3 Months
diabetes eradicated

20 thoughts on “How I Reversed My Diabetes, in just 3 months! The miracle”

  1. Great transformation… Where there is will there is way… You proven it. Now.. Nothing is impossible for you.. Just decide and get it done.. Best wishes..

  2. Amazing Vishwa, setting a goal is easy but working towards it and being consistent is difficult. Great job done, keep grinding.

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