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Fat to Fit – Unbelievable Transformation of an Indian Scientist in just 10 months


Hey! If you are not satisfied with your body yet still give a gazillion excuses about it, you got to learn this unbelievable fat to fit body transformation story of an Indian Scientist. I know the usual thoughts:

Are yaar time kahan milta hai?
Gym toh band hai!
Ghar pe ye sab nahi hota
It’s impossible for me (Probably the one used by the 99% of you)

The list is long and full or terrors. But in the end they are all excuses.

“If you do not come out of the lockdown with better health or a new
skill set, you never lacked time, you just lacked discipline!”


And this is true. There are people who have defied all odds to metamorphose into awesome individuals. In this section of Fit Vishwa. We will be exploring many such people who transformed their body from fat to fit

In this article, I am going to share the fat to fit transformation story of this amazing young man who against all the possible and valid reasons (I’ll get to that in a minute), defied his mental and physical roadblocks.

Meet Pranav – Who is he?

Pranav Tyagi joined as a government servant in Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMDER) in August 2018.

As cool as the job of a scientist is, it is often difficult to adhere to a strict schedule. Although I would prefer to call him at reasonable health, he was not satisfied with how he looked and he decided to transform his health for the better.

But there was the problem with the plan. The work-life at AMDER is quite enjoyable but it can become quite hectic at times.

I am a PhD student myself in a similar area of research and I know the feeling. It is awesome to move throughout the country and see breathtaking landscapes but, to strictly adhere to a fitness plan can be a challenging task.

One is constantly on the move, and there’s hardly any time between waking up and work hours. Most of the time you are either travelling across the country or trekking through the uninhabited lands.

But what happens it, more often that not, you tend to lose track of your fitness. Unless you are willing to take a step ahead.

And just as John Wick’s Tattoo truly said, “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvdat!” meaning, “Fortune Favours the bold.”
It really did favour Pranav.

The first thing that Pranav did was to gain knowledge on the subject. He read a lot and also shared some of his favourite books on fitness with us. You can find them here:

Meet Mr. Pranav

How did he manage his fat to fit transformation?

Pranav wanted to transform his body and live a fit lifestyle. But the job training schedule kept him occupied most of his time and space and did not leave any room for gym training.

He decided to go for cardio and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and avoided any junk food and kept himself clean, which provided him success in journey of fat to fit.

“I did nothing but cardio and HIIT for the next 2 months with not much focus
on counting my calories. I just used to eat clean and avoid any kind of junk
or processed food. Guess, that was the start of something big!” – Pranav

A determined schedule helped him see results soon. He lost about 4 Kgs within a couple months and changes in his body were visible.

Image showing Pranav

But, then came the field works.

It is one thing to adhere to a strict schedule and check out your calories at the comfort of your own home. But what happens when you are constantly on the move?

That does require determination as hard as a rock. And that’s what Pranav did. He did not let a change in workplace distract him from his goal.

He started doing push-ups… 500 of them per day, whenever he got time, irrespective of the location.

He divided the push-ups through out the day, but he made sure to complete 500 push-ups, every single day.
But that did not happen overnight.

It was usual for him to clock 100 – 200 push-ups every day. That made his arms strong and built his confidence to tap 500 push-ups.
Yet he failed. But it doesn’t let him back from fat to fit journey

For the first couple of days he could reach 350 to 400 push-ups. Yet he still kept going.

And in a few days he was hitting his sweet 500 pushups goal.

Note: He took a day or two because of soreness. You gotta recover right?

Pranav Working out

Now, fieldwork in itself is great exercise, You walk a lot, you carry heavy stuff and most of the time you are hammering rocks lol. Essentially you don’t have to worry about losing weight, if you maintain your diet properly.

Pranav was determined to have a good sculpt and healthy life. That required a little extra effort which can be seen through the above collage. Honestly, when your job doesn’t allow you to stay at one place for a very long time, even when you follow a strict exercise, you still get a little iffy with the diet.

No matter how hard you train, if your body doesn’t get the required nutrients it needs, YOU WILL NOT SEE RESULTS.

Pranav made sure to maintain his diet. He took a good amount of protein through eggs and whey protein supplements.

Now most of us start recording everything, such as our body weight, muscle growth, fat percentage, calorie intake etc. But, taking you a bit away from this topic, I’d say that never worked for me. Neither did it work for Pranav.

Pranav focused on increasing his strength through body weight training, kept a healthy diet, avoided junk food, kept his nutrition level high and gave it his 100%, every single day.

Pranav soon started seeing results.

As his job training progressed, Pranav had less and less time to work out. Now, instead of dividing his push-ups throughout the day, he decided to use a small window of time in the morning.

All he had was 1 hour and he had a target of 500 push-ups. Now, this is what HIIT can be. With faster repetitions, the endurance, muscle strength and explosiveness increase and that made a lot of difference for Pranav.

Pranav's body transformation
Pranav in Janaury 2019

He started his HIIT regime in August 2018. This fat to fit transformation is a result of 10 months of unwavering focus and determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All this, without hitting the gym. It amazes me how much one can do just by using your own body weight. Now, of course, a gym regimen is required if your goals are different and you have a fixed timeline. But a healthy lifestyle… it just a rock hard determination away.

The Next Big Question – What about sustainability?

Now, hitting 500 push-ups every single day is not an easy task. Plus you have many other muscle groups to focus on. Same thought occured to Pranav.

Now he practices a more sustainable exercise routine where he goes for a push/pull/leg split and really listens to what his body says.
And certainly that agrees with him. Here is a picture of Pranav. You can follow Pranav on facebook

Pranav in June 2019
Pranav in June 2019

Here are some tips shared by Pranav on quora about exercise and diet that you can try.

Workout tips by Pranav

Pranav said, he unknowingly followed a Push/Pull/Leg Split routine. He has been following calisthenics training and here are some tips shared by him for fat to fit body transformation.

Start by learning and improving isometric exercises once a week. Here are some of the training, a beginner can do.

Pranav from 2019 to 2020


1. Wall sit
2. Static Lunge
3. Plank
4. Glute bridge
5. Straight bridge
6. High arm plank
7. Hollow body holds
8. Wall-assisted handstands

Focused Body Part

1. Quadriceps
2. Back, hips and legs
3. Core
4. Hips and Butts
5. Core
6. Arms
7. Core
8. Shoulders

These exercises will strengthen the respective muscles and increase endurance. Once you feel that you are strong enough, start doing them in a schedule.
Split your week into push/pull/legs workout. What it basically means is that you have to pick a day to train your upper body
muscles that usually get trained through pushing movement. Muscles such as Chest, Shoulders and Triceps get strengthened through it.

Similarly, pick a day for the upper body muscles that get trained through pulling movements. Muscles that get trained through this are the back and biceps.

In a leg split, you train your lower body muscles. It doesn’t mean you have to stick strictly to one muscle group, basic strengthening of others can be done with more focus on the scheduled split.

Here is what Pranav suggested for a beginner. Follow Pranav on quora, for any weight loss related suggestions.   









Pike walks

Australian pull-ups


3 x Limit

4 x (8-12) reps


4 x (8-12) reps

4 x (8-12) reps





Australian chin-ups

Bicep dip

Diamond push-ups


Ab crunches

4 x (15 – 20) reps

3 x Limit

4 x 2 less than failure reps

4 x (8-12) reps

4 x (8-12) reps

4 x (8-12) reps






Sumo squats

Side lunges

Calf raises

C sit hold

Wide grip


Tricep dips


4 x (15 – 20)reps

4 x (15 – 20) reps

3 x Limit

4 x (15 – 20) reps

4 x (15 – 20) reps

4 x (15 – 20) reps

4 x (8 – 10) reps

4 x Limit

4 x (15 – 20)

I will also go in details about these exercises in my future articles. So, bookmark Fit Vishwa right now.

Diet tips by Pranav:

Pranav’s fat to fit transformation credits cannot wholly be attributed to his workouts. The diet he maintained is also just as important and that requires a discipline of its own.

Here are some of the tips that Pranav shared about dieting shared on quora:

Distribute your meals throughout the day. Divide the 3 heavier meals into 5 or 6 smaller, healthy, keeping the food intake constant.

Start the morning by fruits, which can be followed by breakfast after a gap of an hour.

Pranav prefers a mashed banana with 1 tbsp of ghee and black pepper.

Spread out your breakfast throughout the week. Try to consume the typical healthier food like oatmeal, upma and idli, etc most of the day. You can also eat millets

As your third meal, have seasonal fruit, or maybe an apple to keep the doctor away. 

Take a light lunch with rice, dal, some veggies and salad.

Take something for the evening snack. (My suggestion, have a fruit or some nuts)

Finish your dinner early with good veggie diet by 8 pm

If you have the habit of keeping up late, have some golden milk with nuts Some more advice from Pranav

“…don’t shy away from enjoying delicacies of appetizing aloo ka parantha with ghee, poha, dosa once or twice a week for breakfast”.


Some more advice from Pranav:

1. Eat as per your activity level. If you are expecting high activity levels in coming hours, eat more if not, eat less. Accordingly, you can relatively eat more in the afternoon (because you still gotta work) than night (assuming
you to be sane enough to sleep in the night).

2. Try to keep a gap of minimum 12 hours between your last and first meal of the next day.

3. Avoid desserts right after the meal, especially after dinner. If you have a sweet tooth, you can get away with having them once or twice a week but only during the afternoon between 2 major meals. The same rule applies to any other calorie-dense meal. Ditch those Sunday afternoons, when you don’t physically move and on the contrary load your stomachs up with everything/anything under the sun.

4. Try using coconut sugar instead of brown sugar.

5. Bring back old Kachi Ghani mustard oil for deep frying, desi ghee and coconut oil for shallow frying.


I decided to start this section of the blog to motivate people to start taking care of their health. But I had no idea I would be having so much fun learning about people who have set an example.

Pranav’s journey of fat to fit body transformation is nothing but an inspiration not just for you, but also for me.

You can check out the books he read and the fitness regime he suggested. I am sure the will work wonders for you.

The push pull legs split workout is a really good routine to follow.

Why you are waiting??? Start your fat to fit body transformation journey today.

You can follow Pranav on Instagram by clicking here. while you are at ti, follow Fit Vishwa on Instagram as well.

You can read fat to fit body transformation journey of Vishwa and how Vishwa reduced 23 KG in just 3 months.


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