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Hey readers, Vishwa here
Fit Vishwa aims to power people of all ages who want to reduce their weight and control diabetes by implementing good diets and exercise regimes. Based on personal experience and the best available evidences we guide people to reach their health goal.
What one needs in life other than health? Health is wealth. Here, readers not only get introduced to weight reducing ideas, but also get to understand how to live life happily.
We share informative articles about home cooked diet, home based exercises, and Ayurvedic medicines and practices, which help people to lead a holistic life.

My Goals

My primary goal is to spread the secrets of  healthy life to the whole world. Many youths in this world are suffering from physical and mental health problems because of their bad life style. My goal is to guide them and motivate them to live a healthy life.
ICMR’s youth registry shows that in India, 1 in every 4 people suffering from type-2 diabetes who are under the age of 25. Type-2 diabetes is not genetic, it attacks because of unhealthy diet and inactivity. Believe me, we can fight with diabetes without medicines at this age. To eradicate diabetes, we should just maintain a healthy diet and regular exercises. 


My Passion

Like everybody, I too had a bad past. In last 3-4 months I implemented many changes in my life to live a good and happy life. I believe that “Change is the law of universe”. Life is based on experiment. So I do new experiments in life. I have many passions in my life. Acting, writing, reading, and speaking are the top priority passions of my life. I have developed a good passion towards a healthy diet, home workouts too. I love to guide people for healthy diet, home exercises and good lifestyle.
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