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7 exercise and fitness equipment which keeps you strong


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In this article, I want to share some of the information about the exercise and fitness equipment that I have used, on my weight loss journey. Click here to read my article about weight loss mind hacks

If you want to live a healthy life, you should take care of your diet and fitness. Many people can’t go to the gym because of their busy work life, or people may feel the problem of hygiene in the gym (some people don’t like to use equipment used by others). I don’t say that the gym is the only place to keep your body fit. There are many gym exercises and fitness equipment which can be useful in a fitness workout that everyone can afford.

There is many exercises and fitness equipment which help build muscle, lose weight, or keep fit. In this article, I have shared information’s about 7 such useful gym equipment that you can purchase online, which are affordable and can be purchased almost by everyone.

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7 exercise and fitness equipment:

Tummy twister:

Tummy twisters are the best exercise and fitness equipment available online for less than 500 Rs.

Tummy twist board is a round-shaped board, which helps you in twisting your body. They are commonly seen at the gym, and you can also be bought online for home use.

Twister exercise is a decent addition to the range of ab exercises. It is also a piece of good equipment to extend muscle mass and movement abilities.

Tummy twisters are very useful in love handle workouts. Tummy twisters are a must-have equipment for anyone who wants to lose the extra pounds from the mid-section.

How to use tummy twister?

You can do many exercise on tummy twisters. Click here for how to use tummy twisters.

If you don’t have any previous experience, you should practice balancing in tummy twister. Try to stand on board with a strong balance, if you are not getting the balance, you can use a wall, window rods, or anything for balancing.

Then start twisting your body both the side slowly. By practice, you will be able to twist your body fast.

You can purchase tummy twisters from here.

Push-up bars:

The push-up is one of the oldest recorded strength training.

Push-ups are an invaluable addition to many muscle building and weight losing exercises. Push-ups gives a good posture to the body. Push-ups enhance your cardiovascular system.

Many people find difficulties in working out push-ups, and also some people do wrong push-ups which gives them wrong posture.

Click here to watch how to do exercise using Push-up bars

Push-up bars let your hands, wrists, and forearm line-up in a straight line. That’s much easier on your wrists than regular push-ups.

When you do push-ups from bars, you can increase your range of motions. Having push-ups bars is best for chest development.

You don’t have to use push-up bars just for push-ups, they work great for many gymnastic exercises. Handstands are a good example of push-ups bar benefits extending to other exercises.

The push-up bars are not so expensive; you can buy it for less than 500 Rs from online.

You can purchase Push-up bars from here.

Tummy- trimmer:

Tummy trimmer is a device that is used for doing and simplifying sit-ups.

Tummy trimmers are mostly used by women, who want to lose belly fat. It can be also used by men; however, this machine also helps one keep fit.

The Tummy trimmer Also Strengthens Your Chest, Arms, Hips, And Thighs Workout. You can use It anyplace, anytime at the office or home watching TV. 

Click here for watching Tummy- trimmers exercise.

Tummy trimmers help to get flat abs in a quicker time. It also flattens the tummy with regular use. I used to do tummy trimmer exercise 10 minutes every day.

You can purchase Tummy trimmers from here.

Tumy trimmers

Yoga rope:

Yoga ropes are one of the finest exercises and fitness instruments available in the market for below 500 Rs price range.

Yoga ropes have many advantages over the body. Sometimes people find difficulties while performing Yoga. Yoga ropes solve this problem.

The best benefit of yoga rope is its ability to provide a much deeper stretch than a practitioner might normally find in a yoga pose.

Click here for how to use Yoga ropes

The traction of the ropes provides safe support that can be leveraged for deeper chest openers, spine extenders, and even some standing poses. I used to work out some abs exercise by using Yoga ropes.

click here, to read the article of Aashita Hetamsaria’s, about her weight loss journey.

How to use Yoga rope?

Just hang the pocket yoga rope in the window or somewhere else, there will be a place to put your legs and hands when the hands move up legs go down when the legs go up hands come down.

In that way, it will be a good exercise for your stomach you can keep yourself fit by using this Just for few minutes per day.

Click here to purchase Yoga rope

Yoga rope

Wheel rollers:

Wheel rollers help to strengthens the upper body muscles. It trims your waistlines, burns excess calories.

It controls the Degree of the workout by rolling closer or farther from your body.

Wheel rollers are also called abs rollers because of their ability to strengthen the abs. Click here to watch Ab exercise using Wheel rollers

I don’t recommend this for beginners, as there are more difficulties to perform. I recently purchased wheel rollers from amazon and included it in my workouts, which I found it as effective.

Click here to purchase wheel rollers

Wheel roller

Gym ball:

The gym ball is the most popular exercise and fitness equipment. The gym ball helps lose belly fat. Sitting on a gym ball helps correct and improve your posture.

Click here to watch 10 best gym ball exercise.

A strong core will help to protect the lumbar spine and stabilize the shoulder, pelvis, and spine areas. Just sitting on a gym ball alone engages the key stabilizers, the abdominal and back muscles.

Performing resistance exercises while sitting or leaning on a gym ball can increase the resistance and range of motion of the exercise, making it a more effective workout.

The price range of gym balls varies between 300Rs to 1000Rs online.

You can purchase Gym ball by clicking here

Gym ball

Pull up bar:

Pull-up bars are the best exercise and fitness equipment. A pull-up is an upper body strength training exercise.

Pull-up strengthens the back muscles, strengthens the arm and shoulder muscles, and it improves the overall body fitness, and strength.

Click here to watch Pull-up bars exercise.

Earlier pull-up roads we so expensive, it was only available in the gym. But now, people can buy pull-up bars at less price for their personal use.

The price range of the pull-up bar varies from 500Rs to 3000Rs online.

You can buy pull-up bars from here

Pull-up bars

If you feel, you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can use this basic exercise and fitness equipment.

You cannot see results overnight. You should use it regularly for better results.

I have used many of exercise and fitness equipment regularly, and it is very useful to me.

Equipment like tummy twisters, tummy trimmers, Gym balls can be used by people of any age group.

You can read article of Fat- to- Fit body transformation of scientist here.

Hope this article is useful for people who are finding the best exercise and fitness equipment for personal use. You can clear your doubts by asking questions in the comment box.

“Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood”.

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