Weight loss by walking

7 easy ways to boost your weight loss by walking


Do you feel that walking is not helping you to lose weight? Are you feeling that your energy spent on walking is going in vain? Don’t worry I have some easy tips for weight loss by walking for you.

Let me tell you my story in connection to walking.

My dad and mom are early birds. They get up early at 5.30 and go for a walk at least 40 minutes a day. They used to call me for walking. I had no interest in walking. But they use to force me and take me with them for a walk. Sometimes I used to get up and sometimes not.

Earlier, I had no interest in walking. I heard many people saying that walking is not for youths.

Image showing weight loss by walking

Many people have the opinion that walking will not help with fitness or weight loss.

It is true.

You can’t lose weight by walking.

But, you can lose weight by walking.

Are you confused now?

Don’t worry in this article, I am going to tell you, “7 easy ways to boost your weight loss by walking”.

According to me, walking is of 3 types:

  1. Casual walk
  2. Speed walk
  3. Fitness walk

1. Casual walk:

A casual walk means walking just to enjoy nature, pass the time, or for relaxation. A casual walk has nothing to do with your weight-loss. You will feel good when you go for a casual walk with your friends or family members.

2. Speed walk:

A speed walk is a walk specially designed for weight loss. A speed walk helps you to weight loss by walking. We will discuss in detail about a speed walk in the latter part of the article.

3. Fitness walk:

A fitness walk stands in-between the casual and a speed walk. It is neither a speed walk nor a casual walk. A fitness walk is most suitable for elderly people, who want to keep themselves fit.

Most of the time, I get a big smile on my face, when people post a pic of a fitness band, displaying their steps for a day.

I would say, it is not effective at all.

We can’t consider moving from bedroom to kitchen as a walk. The fitness band considers it as walking.

If you want to lose weight by walking, you should inculcate the habit of a speed walk. You can easily lose weight by speed walking if you follow these “7 easy ways to boost your weight loss by walking”.

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7 easy ways to boost your weight loss by walking


1. Don’t change your walking route:

If you want to lose weight by walking, don’t change your route of walking. Remember that you are not going for a casual walk. If you want to lose weight by walking, you should go for a speed walk. You should be familiar with the route you walk. There is a chance of falling while walking if you are not familiar with the route.

2. Choose the right shoes:  

You don’t need to walk with shoes when you are walking casually. But you know, walking barefoot has many good advantages over our health, but not for weight loss.

But when you are going for a speed walk, wearing the right shoes are compulsory.

5 months back, I have started hardcore walking for weight loss. In my early days, I used to walk with sandals on my feet But sooner I had a heavy foot pain, which made me sit at home for 4 days. From next day, I started to walk with shoes. Till now, I have never felt pain in my foot.

Shoes protect your soft foot skin from getting damaged.

3. Find a good walking buddy, or go alone:

I like to go for a walk alone. If you take your friends or family with you for a speed walk, your walking will end up in talking. It restricts you from walking fast.

If you don’t like to walk alone, find a good walking buddy who wants to lose weight just like you.

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4. Don’t take your cell phone with you:

I have a reason behind telling this. I have seen many people going for a walk speaking on the phone. It will slow down your walking.

Some people take their phones to listen to a song while walking. But they may end up wasting time in changing songs.

Many people waste their time taking a selfie to post it in social media as of they achieved something big. This show-off may give you some likes and good comments, but it has nothing to do with your weight loss.

Even I experienced this myself.

Only, if it is an emergency day, or if you are feeling unsecured, take your phone with you, otherwise don’t take it.


5. Maintain a walking journal:

You may feel crazy about this. But believe me, maintaining a journal for your every exercise motivates you to do more.

I have walked for 965 KM in 4 months. I used to walk at least 8 KM in a day.

You will feel happy when your journal showed that you completed certain number of kilometres. It also motivates you to complete another milestone, as soon as possible. Finally, you will lose weight by walking quicker than expected.

6. Swing your arms, and walk on the track which has flat, up, and down sections:

Studies showed that, if you are 68 KG, 1 hour of a walk at a speed of 3 to 5 KM per hour helps you to burn 300 Calories. The advantage of walking in up and down track is that you can burn an extra 30% of 300 calories.

Researchers also found that swinging arms gives you the best upper body workout as well as it helps you to burn 5-10% more calories.

So, it’s always better to swing your arms and walk-in up and down track than walking in a flat surface with folded hand.


7. Post walking secrets:

There are some post walking secrets which aids in weight loss by walking.

1. Green tea can be the best post walking drink:

Green tea for weight loss

The green tea helps you to recover faster after a brisk walk.  Green tea also helps you to increase the body’s ability to burn calories.

Also, the green tea with honey and lemon works wonder to lose weight.

2. Drink plain water:

Weight loss by walking doesn’t get easier than this. Drinking more water may increase the rate of burning calories. Drinking water also aids in increasing metabolic rate.

3. Don’t drink any energy drinks after walking:

Energy drinks give you more calories than required. Energy drinks may help you to get back the strength, but it doesn’t help you in weight loss.

4. Eat nuts:

Nuts for weight loss

If you feel hungry Immediately after walking, don’t eat breakfast. Instead of breakfast, you can eat some nuts. There should be a gap of 30 minutes from your exercise and breakfast. Consumption of nuts helps you in losing weight faster. Read  Aashita’s jouney of weight loss


As I say in every article, if you want to see the result, you should do it regularly. Walking should be our lifetime habit.

  • Walking helps you to keep fit.
  • Walking helps with weight loss.
  • Walking gives relaxation.
Walking for 1 hour every day is very good for health. If you can’t go for 1 hour, try to go at least 30 minutes a day. Walking is not only meant for weight loss.
Only walking will not help you to lose weight. Weight loss is a mixture of diet and exercise.
You need to give solid dedication to your weight loss process.
I hope this article is useful to you. Follow the above steps and lose weight more quickly. You can also read fat to fit weight loss journey of scientist here.
Thank you for reading. Stay fit and healthy. Follow fit Vishwa to read informative articles about healthy diet, fitness, and good mental health.

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