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5 best ways to strengthen your mental health in the journey of fitness


Do you know the reason why most people fail to achieve their fitness goal? Do you know the importance of mental health in your fitness journey?

Here is a short article for you on why most people need good mental health in your fitness journey?

I am Soumya Hegde, an MBA graduate, Fitness enthusiast from 4 years, dancer and an amateur artist from Bengaluru.

Those who have gone through any kind of Fitness journey will definitely agree on the fact that it is important to maintain a balanced diet rather than just working out to burn those fats and carbs.

Many specialists believe that proper diet and workout ratio is somewhere around 70:30 respectively. But there is this 3rd key factor which is 100% essential. So, what is it? Mental health!

What is mental health

Mental health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also includes how we handle the stress and how we react to it.

Mental health is important in every stage of our life. From childhood to adulthood mental health has great role to play in our life.

 Having a good mental health is the key to achieve not just your fitness goals but anything and everything in this world. You can come up with extraordinary diet plans and workout plans but if your mind is not determined, you won’t be able to put it in action. So, why exactly you need good mind space for your fitness journey?

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Need of good mind space for your fitness journey



 We are so excited about starting something new for the first few days but what happens after that stage? You start skipping some days in between and slowly, we are back to square one. Keeping yourself motivated throughout is tough but it is essential.

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Going out with friends and saying no to that pizza really needs a heart of stone. The transformation in your body doesn’t happen overnight and requires persistence. It is extremely difficult to stick to the diet even when your favorite food is on the table. How do you overcome these? Determination is the key here! Be determined about what you are doing and focus on your goals.


 Our body is so magical that it can get used to any kind of hardships in few days and that’s exactly why you need to get creative with your workouts. The ability to turn the monotonous workout into something more enjoyable goes long way.




If transforming in a day was possible, all of us would be running in Olympics, but sadly, that’s not the reality. It takes months and years of efforts and patience is the key. The results of fitness are slow but definitely worth the time. Have patience and be steady.


 Not firing a bullet at all is better than firing without focus as it can cause more damage. Not focusing on your fitness plans and goals can cause more damage both mentally and physically.

 If keto sounds the best today, HIIT may sound the best tomorrow. The next day someone will introduce you to power yoga and voila! We are ready to jump again.

 Being focused on what suits your lifestyle and body is more important than jumping from one plan to another. On an overall basis, both your mental and physical health influence each other.

Weight loss resolutions!!!


If your mental health is good, your workout will be more effective and if your workout is good, your mind will be fresh. It’s a chain reaction in a loop form. From next time, don’t just burn those excess calories, burn that toxicity in your mind as well!

Thank you for reading, Stay Fit and Stay healthy, Follow Fit Vishwa.


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